Trafalgar 5 x Packets 14" Eco Party Sparklers (5 per pack)

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Our Trafalgar Eco Sparklers  are a great accompaniment for every party. Once lit they let out a vivid sparkle from start to finish. To top it off they are eco-friendly and burn down to nothing.

Type Sparkler
Brand Trafalgar
Packet Quantity 5
Total Packets 5
Total Quantity 25
Size 14"
Coating Colour Grey
Burn Effect  Gold
Burn Time (seconds) 60
Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor
Usage Ideas Party, Bonfire Night, New Year
Handheld Yes
Additional Information Eco-Friendly burns down to nothing as no wire. More environmentally friendly.
Safety Information Not to be given to children under the age of 5. Children should be supervised at all times. A used sparkler remains very hot, so it is advised to dispose of them safely.