Smoke grenades safety

Our number 1 priority is customer safety. We want our customers to enjoy the impact smoke grenades create in a safe and responsible way. 

All smoke grenades come with safety instructions as part of the packaging, however we have put together a set of safety instructions

  • Age 18+ usage rating

  • Check to see if the grenades can be handheld

  • If hand held, point smoke away from you

  • If non hand held, keep a safety distance of at least 1 metre

  • Do not use in confined spaces

  • Do not point the grenades at other people

  • Use safety goggles

  • The grenades can get hot, wear safety gloves and wait at least 10 minutes before picking the grenade up

  • Smoke grenades are designed to be non-toxic, however, avoid inhaling smoke

  • Smoke can cause staining of clothes

  • Do not place on or near flammable material 


Smoke grenades are not grenades and are not explosives. These are coloured smoke effect products used for entertainment to create an illusion of smoke. It is illegal to buy and use smoke grenades by persons under the age of 18.