Frequently asked questions

What is a smoke grenade?

A smoke grenade is a cannister that contains combustible compound which releases plumes of coloured smoke upon a trigger.

How do smoke grenades work?

Smoke grenades can either be ignited or released using a ring-pull mechanism. Each item has instructions on use.

Are smoke grenades safe?

Smoke grenades are designed with a composition which prevents the casing getting too hot. All smoke grenades sold by us are easy to use, clearly labelled with instructions and safe.

Are smoke grenades legal?

Yes, smoke grenades are completely legal for use by over 18 persons and manufactured by lots of prime manufacturers.

Are smoke grenades, smoke flares, smoke bombs the same thing?

Essentially, yes. They all use a similar method to release coloured smoke into the air and can be used for a number of different purposes.

Where can I use smoke grenades?

We have put together a list of where you can use smoke grenades. This list isn’t exhaustive, but they are commonly used for photography, photoshoots, video, airsoft, paintball, gender reveal, birthdays, weddings or even just for a bit of good old fun.

What colours do smoke grenades come in?

Smoke grenades come in a variety of colours. We stock the following colours – Blue, Red, Pink, Purple, White, Orange, Black, Yellow and Green

What brand of smoke grenades do you stock?

All the current brands we stock can be accessed via the Brand option on the menu bar.

Can I use smoke grenades at a gender reveal?

Yes, we have pink and blue grenades that can be used. Please use these in an open space and be have a good distance between you and your guests.

How much do smoke grenades cost?

Smoke grenades are relatively inexpensive. Our smoke grenades start from as little as £5.50.

What are smoke pellets?

Smoke pellets are little pellets that produce smoke once you light them. They are perfect for testing air filters, fume hoods, chimneys and fans. They can also be used like smoke grenades for smaller projects like photography, special effects and more.