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Smoke is delivered from a single vent from the top of the grenade. Smok12 x Green smoke grenades. These grenades set off large amounts of smoke started by releasing the wire ring pull on the cannister. e grenades are commonly used for birthdays, weddings, photoshoots, filming and paint balling. They do not contain sulphur and the smoke is non toxic.

Black Cat fireworks is a long established UK brand based in Huddersfield. They manufacturer smoke grenades and smoke flares. Black Cat smoke grenades come in 8 colours - pink, blue, red, white, orange, purple, green and white. Smoke grenade time duration lasts 90 seconds. All their smoke bombs are CE approved. Smoke Grenades are the perfect accompaniment for celebrations and parties. Whether it be a single smoke flare or multiple the effect is stunning and is great for using in photos which you can use on Instagram and Facebook. 

At Smoke Grenades UK we take the safety of our customers extremely seriously. If you need to know how to use our smoke grenades you can visit our how to use


Brand Black Cat
Colour 12 x Green
Duration (seconds) 90
Release Wire ring pull

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