Are you planning your gender reveal party? Need some ideas? Wondering what to use for the big gender reveal? We can help you.

Smoke grenades, smoke flares or coloured ice fountains are now the most popular product used for gender reveal events. Smoke Grenades UK stock a range of blue smoke grenades or pink smoke grenades As a smoke grenade starts to emit smoke within seconds and lasts between 30-120 seconds (depending on the duration of pink or blue smoke grenade purchased) they are the perfect product to use for this. Our gender reveal smoke grenades provide not only the time to take in the reaction but also a perfect photo opportunity with your friends and family.

If smoke grenades or smoke flares aren’t your choice of product to use to mark the occasion, then how about our gender reveal confetti cannons? These are perfect for indoor gender reveals or gender reveals taking place in smaller spaces. We stock a range of discreet gender reveal cannons. These are confetti cannons packaged in discreet labels you can quickly twist and let off in pink or blue colours to reveal the gender of your baby. With easy peel off stickers that show the colour on the bottom and packaging that doesn’t give away the colour you can be sure no one can guess before the big reveal.