What to look for when buying smoke grenades

Smoke grenades, smoke bombs or smoke flares can create stunning visual effects to photography, video or even just for a bit of fun.

They are relatively low cost and come in multiple colours to suit the effect you are trying to create. Smoke grenades can either be handheld or set off in a safe location to create vibrant effects.

When sourcing your smoke grenades, it is worth checking if they are safe to hold when live. There are some smoke grenades that are get too hot to handle meaning you will most likely need to drop them. Key aspects to think of for when you want to use them are:

  • The length of time the grenade with release smoke for. Most last between 30 and 90 seconds
  • How easy they are to use. Most are wire ring pull ignition
  • Price/Cost
  • If they are non-toxic
  • If they are handheld
  • Density of smoke

At Smoke Grenades UK we can help you decide what the right grenade is for your event