How do smoke grenades work and how do we use them?

How does a small cannister actually create that fantastic plume of smoke you may ask? Essentially, the grenade is made up of combustible compound which is ignited to create an explosion. This releases coloured smoke. The ignition can be lit or generated with a ring pull, similar to a can of Coca-Cola.

The ring pull grenades are becoming the most common, you literally pull the ring and within 1-2 seconds the smoke starts to be emitted.

Smoke grenades come in numerous colours and can create different sizes of smoke plume. We have smoke grenades from Enola Gaye, Black Cat and Hallmark that produce high quality smoke and vivid colours.

Smoke grenades have numerous names such as smoke bombs and smoke flares.

Smoke grenades are useful for airsoft games, paintball games, self-defence and practical jokes. They are also used in smoke tests. More and more they are now also being used for photography and videos.