Glasgow: Lets fill the city with Smoke

Glasgow has become one of Smoke Grenades UK’s favourite cities. It’s been quite the pleasure talking to some of our customers over the last few days. Not only is the Scottish accent known the world over, but their love of smoke grenades is to be applauded. Everyone is so friendly and easy going I can’t wait to come and visit after lockdown.

The Glaswegians are also a patriotic and loyal bunch. It feels like football flows through the blood, bringing the city and the people together. Whether you support the mighty Rangers or Celtic, the passion and enthusiasm on match day is tough to beat. We’ve sold blue, red, white, orange and green smoke grenades all week long. I’ve also learnt a new acronym WATP – We are the people and that sums up Glasgow in a nutshell. Even the Glasgow websites slogan is ‘The people make Glasgow’ and I couldn't agree more.